Covid-19 Response

Knightkrawler Robotics

FRC Team 2052

Let's Work Together!

Do you have a 3D printer? We received a huge shipment of .01" (10 mil) PETG super clear sheets from our sponsor 3M. This is enough to make over 11,000 face shields. We can only 3D print about 1,200 visors per week. Together, we can put thousands more face shields into the hands of people who desperately need them before Minnesota hits the COVID-19 peak. If you have the ability to 3D print visors at home, work, or school, but cannot find or afford face shield plastic, we can help each other.

  • If you can deliver shields directly to people in need, come to us and pick up the face shields you need.
  • OR... drop off the visors you have printed in packs of 20, with any notes or messages you would like passed along
  • Our face shields are 8"x12" and fit any visor that works with a standard 3-hole punched sheet

As of Monday April 13, we need 2,500 more visors to fulfill our order backlog, which is growing every day. You can help us fulfill these orders, or we can help you fill the need you have identified. Either way, working together we can make a bigger impact than working alone. We are currently running our printers 8am to 6pm, Monday through Saturday. If you want to pick up or drop off please email, tweet us at Team2052, or send us a Facebook message. If you are picking up shields, we'll need to know how many you need before you come. Currently we have 3,000 pieces cut, hole-punched, and ready to go.

Chippewa Middle School, Door 12 (north side)
5000 Hodgson Rd Connection
North Oaks, MN 55126

If you aren't sure what to print, use the links below to download the visor STL file(s). We have #33 rubber bands for use with this visor. If you are printing a different type of visor (must work with a 3-hole punch shield) that requires a longer rubber band or visor strap, please include a headband that works with your visor, if you are dropping off.

If you want to help, but your printer is too small to print a visor, you can create ear savers for us to distribute. There are many designs available. Feel free to find the design you think works best. This is the model we have been printing.