Build Season Week 1

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Hello KnightKrawler fans,

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to Team 2052’s 12th year build season. January 6th, 2018 was a tense but yet exciting day for the students of team 2052. It was the day that the official game of the 2018 season would be announced.

   Students gathered with anticipation a new challenge, bringing people together, waiting and watching intensely. Where a team is determined to share ideas and morphing conversations. This is the beginning of the 2018 FIRST Robotics competition, right here right now, this is build season this is where robot building and team building become one.  After what seemed like hours the game was released and students gathered together to look at the game manual and discuss the strategy that will be taken towards building an effective robot this new season.

Monday 8th, of January, marked the 1st of 6 long weeks of build season. The team started off with a full team meeting announcing who was going to be our nominee for the Woodie Flowers Award-Alane Matko. After Alane was announced as our 2018 Woodie Flowers Award nominee, the team split off into respective subteams.

On Wednesday the team started out in each respective subteams
At build, they split up into different groups. One was working on the strategy for the robot another group was working on different mechanisms for picking up the cubes.
   At controls one of our team captain-Emily Davis- was working on Woodie Flowers Award with some new members, she was also helping programmers update the laptops and vision tracking for the cube. The sub-team was also working on what they knew and what needed improvement and comparing how the current coding library was different from last years. They also worked on mapping out the field so the robot can move during autonomous.

At Public Relations the sub-team split into groups some worked on the Entrepreneurship Award with a mentor, we also had students working on the Chairman’s Award as well as the necessary details for it and some students were working on getting pictures and the website updated

Thank you for joining us this week and we hope you continue to watch our progress throughout build season.

Yours, truly

KnightKrawler News & Update Team.

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