Build Season Week 5

By February 10, 2018News

Hello, KnightKrawler fans,

It is our pleasure to welcome you back to week 5 of build season.

On Monday, January 29th the team split up onto their respective sub-teams and on Wednesday the team started with a full team meeting.

On the build sub-team has been working on assembling the final robot, right now they are finalizing the piece where the intake is going to mount to. Some members on the sub-team are working on the bumpers for the robot and others are setting up the second drivetrain and they are finalizing everything to that’s necessary and trying to save weight.

On the controls sub-team, they are making progress on vision tracking, they’ve finished all of their auto actions for the different mechanisms for the robot. They added a different intake class because before it was really complicated. They are also working on limiting the voltage on the robot so it doesn’t draw much power.

On the PR sub-team, the Chairman’s Award has been submitted and they’ve started working on the Chairman’s presentation and the interviews, they are finalizing the Entrepreneurship Award. Some students are working on the profiles for the website and others are still working on the KnightKrawler Avatar pin.

Thank you for joining us this week and we hope you continue to watch our progress throughout the rest of build season.

Yours truly,

KnightKrawler News & Update Team.

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