Build Season Week 6

By February 19, 2018News
Hello, KnightKrawler fans,
It is our pleasure to welcome you back to week 6 of build season.
On Monday, February 12th the team split up onto their respective sub-teams and on Wednesday the team started with a full team meeting.
The build sub-team has been working on finishing touches on the robot and making sure other small parts and each component of the robot is working as it should be.
The controls sub-team has been working on bug fixing, safety and testing the robot. And since Week Zero they’ve been working on fixing autonomous bugs and retesting it out.
The PR sub-team has been working on getting ready for Week Zero, the Entrepreneurship Award has been submitted and they are also updating the website with student profiles and also getting information about the team out for fans and parents.
The team also co-hosted a Week Zero event with Team 2472 Centurions. This event is for other teams to test drive their robot and make modification in their robot’s design and programming to make it ready for competition season.
Thank you for joining us throughout our build season journey and we hope you continue to watch our progress for the rest of this competition season
Yours truly,
KnightKrawler News & Update Team.

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