FTC Team 10112 NanoKrawler is a subsidiary of FRC Team 2052 KnightKrawler. Also based out of Irondale Senior High School, it was founded in 2015 to give new students an opportunity to learn more about constructing a robot and participating in the robotics community without being intimidated by the more intense FRC program. The FTC registration takes place in May, giving the team members opportunity to bond with each other while learning the basics of programming and constructing their robot. The second week of September marks the kickoff day where the new season’s game is revealed to teams across the nation. Starting with the game reveal, teams are allowed to work on their robot with no restrictions until their qualifiers, which range from the second Saturday in November until the fourth Saturday in January with State championships in the first weekend in February. NanoKrawler participates in the North Branch tournament which takes place in the second weekend of December.


This year’s game is known as FIRST RES-Q. It is played on a 12X12 field with ‘mountains’ on two opposing corners of the field. Each match has a 30 second autonomous period and a two minute driver-controlled period. At the start of each round, 80 ‘debris’ are randomly placed throughout the field. Throughout the match, robots score points by delivering debris to goals near their mountains, interacting with the climbers, and for an endgame, climbing the mountain.


To see the game manual 1 and 2.