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Welcome back to KnightKrawlers’ News and Update.

The team started out the week with a mandatory parent-student meeting on Monday, November 30th. This meeting was for students and their parents to get a full view of how the season is going to be moving forward. We discussed the goals for the team and our mission for this new season.

On Wednesday, November 1st we started out with a full team meeting. We discussed future events and each sub-team updating the full team on what they’ve been working on. After this, the students split into their respective sub-teams.

This week the build team was working on most of the same projects as last week. Those projects include fixing the robot cart, fixing the robot and cleaning. Something new the build team also started on was designing a mechanism: each student chooses a part from a previous year that they weren’t a part of. They then take that part and design a mechanism to do that part.

On the controls we worked on the controls team has been teaching its new members the basics of Java programming and the large concepts associated with FRC code

Lastly, on the public relations team, we continued working on looking for possible grants, splitting the students up and continuation on introducing them to their interests.

Thanks for joining us this week, we are more than excited to keep you updated every week on the happenings of the team. We hope that you tune in weekly to see how the team has been moving forward, and keep up to date with the events and projects the team is working on.

KnightKrawler News & Update Team.

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