2016 FIRST Championships with Team 2052!

Hello KnightKrawler fans,

We had a marvelous time at Champs! April 27-31 2016 Team 2052 KnightKrawler went to compete in the Annual Robotics FRC Championship. The first day of the competition day April 27, 2016, were the wonderful practice matches to get our robot primed and ready for a day of FIERCE Competition.

Day 1/2 – Qualifications Begin

was more qualification rounds to see what team moves on. We had a really successful day and didn’t have the much trouble with the robot. We won 8, and lost 2 and moved onto eliminations!! During alliance selections, we were the first pick from Team 2122 due to our ranking over the competition. Teams 3538 and 41 were also selected to join our alliance.

Day 3 – Subdivision Finals and Einstein Finals

our alliance won First Place in the Majestic Carson Division with Team 2122 Team 3538, and Team 41. And we moved on to the Quarterfinal in the Einstein Division for the first time. We lost both matches we played in Einstein. But we’re glad we got to make it to Einstein. We had our fun and can’t wait for what next year’s game.
The season is officially over with. Our team had a marvelous time. We are so honored to have won the Carson sub-division and to make it on the Einstein Finals Field as one of the top 32 teams out of over 3000 teams in the world! Thank you to everyone.

“It’s was my Last year on the team and Yeah, I cried when we make to Einstein” – Team member

Team 2052’s primary sponsors are Medtronic, Groves Foundation, Best Buy, Pentair Foundation, and Irondale High School.

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