Minne Mini Recap

By January 10, 2018Uncategorized

On November 20th KnightKrawler Robotics traveled south to Prior Lake High School to participate in the annual Minne Mini Robotics Regional. This would be our final competition with the game Steamworks and our favorite robot, Hornet. Despite only a few practice rounds before the competition started, we got our robot up and running early in the day. Fortunately for us, things went smoothly both in the qualification rounds and the final matches. Of the 7 matches we played during qualification round, we won 4 matches and lost 3. Team 2052 KnightKrawler was selected as an alliance partner with Team 2491 NoMythic and Team 2169 KingTec as captain; we made it into finals and finished in first place. We are proud of our accomplishments and thank Team 2169 KingTec for selecting us as their alliance partner and can’t wait to see what next season brings.

KnightKrawler News & Update Team.

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