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By January 10, 2018News


It’s our pleasure to introduce you to a new robotics season for Team 2052. This season, we’re welcoming 25 new members to our team, as well as six new mentors! We’re excited, and more than ready to get them accustomed to the team, and our practices. Over the course of this month, we’ve been welcoming the new students and mentors to the team by holding team bonding experiences, determining their interests and getting them acquainted to their desired subteam.

On Monday, October 22nd, we held our first official team meeting for this season. We started off by introducing our new mentors, Allicia, Connor, Eric, Sara, Satish, and Todd. We also went over the plans for the next few weeks, as well as upcoming events, before allowing the students to split off into their respective subteams.

This week on the build team, we split into three groups: The first of which worked on fixing a previously damaged robot cart, the second worked on fixing the robot from last season, and the last worked on cleaning up their workspace.

The controls team learned about the electronics that they will be using for the season. They also touched on the basis of Java, as well as Git. The next weeks will consist of similar elements, introducing people, or reintroducing them, to the coding language we will be using.

Last, but not least, the public relations team worked on first introducing the new team members to the team. We discussed the entire team’s interests to find out where they will be putting their skills toward for the most part. Lastly, we worked on finding companies that are giving out grants.

Here at Team 2052, we are more than excited to keep you updated every week on the happenings of the team. We hope that you tune in weekly to see how the team has been moving forward, and keep up to date with the events and projects the team is working on.

KnightKrawler News & Update Team.

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