School Talk Shoutout & The Name The Planet Contest

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Last year was not just a great year for KnightKrawler, but for the District as a whole! Across the District, our wonderful teams made their mark on FIRST, with over 500 friends new and old.

In the 2017-2018 season, The Mounds View School District sported 2 FIRST Robotics Teams, 5 FIRST Tech Challenge teams, and a whopping 17 FIRST LEGO League teams! On top of that, 4 teams from 3 different FIRST competitions went on to Championships, including FLL The Dots, FTC Pony Tail Posse & Height Differential, and yours truly; FRC KnightKrawler.

This amazing representation of our district was highlighted in the District’s magazine, School Talk, in its most recent issue. You can click on “School Talk” in the preceding sentence to see a PDF of the entire magazine, or tap around the following image to read about the District’s Robotics teams specifically.

If you’d like to support one of the local teams, Chippewa Middle School’s The Dots have a GoFundMe to help pay for their 2018 Championship costs. Smaller & younger teams often struggle to pay for travel expenses, & your contribution would be greatly appreciated. They’re a wonderfully intelligent and driven team, and we hope they’re able to start the 2018-2019 Season in the best position possible.

Ponytail Posse was the 2016-17 Minnesota FIRST Tech Challenge State Champion, the first all-girls team to win this distinction!
The Dots & Ponytail Posse came with us to Bel Air Elementary to showcase what FIRST is all about to young scientists, but most recently, the 3 teams travelled all the way to Detroit for the FIRST Championships, meaning that the district had Championship teams in FIRST Lego League, FIRST Tech Challenge, AND FIRST Robotics Competition
We have Teams in all levels of FIRST, meaning that District students can participate no matter what age or grade they’re in!
Mounds View High School teams Height Differential and the Ponytail Posse both competed at the FIRST World Championship. Height Differential had the honor of being an Inspire Award Finalist and winning a special award for their mentor, Jim Irvine. Pictured from left to right (back row) John Helgeson, Nick Riedel, Akash D’Souza, Grant Altenhofen, Charlotte Hamilton, Amy Helgeson, Meghan Froehle, (front row) Rose Lam, Sabriyah Taher, Heeral Narkhede and Nancy Koshy.
KnightKrawler alumnus Bryan Herbst won the Volunteer of the Year award at the Medtronic Foundation Regional for his work in FIRST robotics programs.
Chippewa Middle School LEGO League team, The Dots, placed third at the World Championship for project presentation and earned an invitation to present at the FIRST Global Innovation Awards in San Jose, Calif., in June. Pictured from left to right: (back row) Connor Pederson, Aaron Lam, Gwen Brandt, Leigha Wood, (front row) Jamie Grace, Henry Kempenich, Ian Buerge and William Nelson.
Sunnyside Elementary School students Sophia Pierce, Elsa Scott and Ben Lundren (pictured presenting their work to judges) were part of the LEGO Raindrop Team.
Pike Lake Kindergarten Center students Ryan Senogles, Luka Boyd, Foster Figgins, Jayden Heem, Bryan Sengsavang and Corbin Federer (shown receiving their medals) were part of Team Minecraft.
LEGO League Junior (grades K–3) Both kindergarten centers and all District elementary schools were represented for a record-breaking FIRST LEGO League Junior season. During the 2017-2018 school year, 58 teams of students in kindergarten through third grade studied the human water cycle, built and coded motorized models and presented what they had learned at non-competitive exhibitions.
LEGO League (grades 4–8) Across the District, 17 FIRST LEGO League teams of students in grades four through eight participated in robotics competitions. Judged on a team invention or project and a LEGO robot built to perform assigned tasks, eight teams advanced to Sectional Competitions and four teams went on to compete at the State Tournament.
Tech Challenge (grades 7–12) Five middle and high schools teams competed in the FIRST Tech Challenge program. Robotics Competition (grades 9–12) Mounds View High School and Irondale High School students competed in the high school league FIRST Robotics Competition. High school students designed and built robots to score on a competition field.
Robotics Competition (grades 9–12) Mounds View High School and Irondale High School students competed in the high school league FIRST Robotics Competition. High school students designed and built robots to score on a competition field.
Height Differential won an award for Best Robot Design and won 3rd in the State Competition. The Titanium Allies team was a finalist for Most Innovative Robot and Best Application of 3-D Printing.
Destination: Deep Space, the game of FIRST’s 2018-2019 Season, is slowly seeping secrets out to the eager teams of the world, and KnightKrawler is excited as ever!

This year, there’s an opportunity for teams not just to learn about the the competition, but decide an important part of the entire game:
Deep Space’s Name the Planet contest is just what it sounds like, enabling any team to make their mark on FIRST history by deciding the entire planet’s name for the 2018-2019 season.

Do you have any suggestions that you’d like KnightKrawler to consider for their submission?

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