Technical Resources

Here you will find all kinds of educational documents and links, organized by topic, for your team this year. These aren't always FIRST specific. This page contains everything from pneumatics to C++. This is a great place for new teams to start and learn more about the technical side of how to have a successful build season and build a great robot.

Computer Programming

This is where you can get help with any help with programming

  • IDE One – a free online compiler to test simple code in many languages, such as Java or C++. Great in a pinch, for small snippets, or if you don’t have any other compiler handy, but not for large projects.
  • Drive Train Programming – presented at MN Splash on 12/7/2013



Getting Started With Java – the official Oracle introduction to programming with Java.

Learning The Language– the official Oracle tutorial on the basics of the Java language.



  • LabVIEW Tutorial – National Instrument’s tutorial on LabVIEW and graphical programming.


  • C++ Tutorial –’s tutorial on the basics of the C++ language. Essential for begging programmers using C++.
  • – a great site for all things C++. Has great documentation, forums, and, examples.


Control System

2014 Control System – Mostly everything you need to know about any software that WPI and FIRST provide



This is where you can get help with the build process




Website Design

  • W3 Schools – a great source to get started building your team’s web page.

Scouting and Strategy

If you think something is missing from this page, or have something to contribute, please contact us.