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By January 10, 2018News

KnightKrawler Robotics is excited about the 2017-2018 school year, and our 12th season! This year our team has 50 members, an increase of 10 over last year, as well as six new mentors. We are already getting them accustomed to the team, its history, and our practices. So far this season, we have been welcoming the new students and mentors by holding team bonding experiences, determining individual interests and getting them acclimated to their desired subteams.  

This season our team has two female team co-captains: returning member Neely Drake, and new team co-captain Emily Davis. Emily is excited about the year as she says, “KnightKrawler is larger than it has ever been on the team. I’m excited to see what this big team can do with the 2018 game.”  This year, as before, we have set high goals for both the members of Team 2052 and the team itself. In addition to meeting our individual, personal objectives, we are looking to create a competition robot that will allow us to compete at FIRST Championships and the Minnesota State High School League.

The team is divided into three sub-teams: Build, Controls, and Public Relations.

The Controls team is in charge of writing the code for our robot, programming the sensors and controls. According to a member of the controls team, Jacob Freund, “We deploy code, we provide code in order for the robots to work. Our subteam is bigger this year and we are extremely happy about it and excited for build season.”

The Build team is tasked with building the robot and is in charge of maintaining or repairing the robot during our events.  In the pit, the build team changes out the depleted battery with a charged one after each match and will fix anything that has been broken during the previous match. They also assist other teams by lending parts and tools out as needed and giving them a hand during competitions. We spoke to one of the co-captains, Neely, who is also on the build team, about what the build team is doing to get ready. Neely says, “We are working on the new students learning the parts, tools, and everything around safety. We are also going to get all the students comfortable with CAD. We are working hard training them and we are certain everyone will be ready for build season.”

The Public Relations team is in charge of raising the money necessary to run the team, as well as maintaining our website and updating the team’s social media accounts throughout the season. The P.R. sub-team captain, Selena Blanchard,  is dedicated to winning The Entrepreneurship Award, which would be a first for our team. We plan to attend two Minnesota Regionals; winning either one would automatically advance us to the FIRST Championship for the sixth year as well as a sixth trip to the MSHSL State Robotics Championships.

Team  2052 is about ‘More than Robots” and competing in events. “ I wanted to join a team that built robots and I wanted to be part of a team that makes a difference to our community,” said Tristan, a freshman from the Public Relations team. We reach out to the community by visiting local middle schools, demoing our robots at places like the State fair and Medtronic, and holding our very own annual FIRST Fair. We also volunteer at places such as Feed My Starving Children and the Mounds View compost.  

The team members respect each other, as well as those from other teams we encounter;  and we are all in this competition together. We leave no one excluded from any of our events that we are in and everyone is welcomed to join. Robotics is also a great way to travel across the state and the country, it is also a great way to get to know people not only from Irondale but from other high schools across the world! We hope you have enjoyed reading this and hope you stay tuned to our team and what we are up to. LET ME HEAR YOU HOLLER!!!! KNIGHTKRAWLER!!!

                 Mariam Adewale, Tristan Matheson, & Alyssa Schoeller. 

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