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Welcome back to KnightKrawlers’ News and Update.

This week the team started out with a full team meeting on Monday, to discuss how the Minne Mini competition went. We went over Pluses and Deltas and discussed ways to improve those Deltas before dividing into each respective sub-teams.

On Wednesday, we split into respective sub-teams working on different stuff.

On the PR team we had some students working on the Entrepreneurship Award, some on the team brochure for sponsors, others on pictures from our competition on Saturday and there were some students who got to work on the Chairman’s Award.

On the controls team, students tested code on Termite (old robot) and did a code review for more complex code and has been uploading code based on the previous year’s robots. All the new students have done a great job and all their code worked!

This week the build sub-team worked on training the freshmen in tool use and safety. The returning members all helped demonstrate most of the basic tools we use during build season. This includes; saws, files, riveters, and some specialized tools. To get some practice with each tool students were instructed to assemble a part that requires the use of most of the tools.

Thank you for joining us on this week update with KnightKrawler. We’re looking forward to keeping you updated weekly.

KnightKrawler News & Update Team.

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