New Member FAQ

For returning members, we begin meeting officially the same week, or week after school begins. For new members, Information Night is usually a month after school begins with meetings beginning after info night.

KnightKrawler has an "official" season that starts at Information Night and ends after our last competition. The last competition could be a regional in March or April if the team fails to qualify for Championships (late April) or the State Tournament (mid-May).

We officially meet 11 months of the year. The mentors attempt to take a one month break for most of June. Optional meetings are typically held 1-2 days per week in the summer where students can work on special projects. These include, but are not limited to, building a new drive mechanism the team has not tried before, or programming an autonomous routine. The team also does various outreach activities during the summer that students are encouraged, but not required, to attend.

During the offseason we attend Minne Mini and the Minnesota Robotics Invitational. These take place in the fall and use the previous season's game to introduce new students to FIRST Robotics.

We also attend two regular-season competitions in Minnesota; the Northern Lights Regional in Duluth and the Minnesota 10,000 Lakes Regional in Minneapolis. If we qualify for FIRST Championships we take a trip to Detroit, Michigan in April. We can also qualify for the Minnesota state competition, which is in May.

While robotics is a large time commitment, it is possible to participate in other activities. Fall and Spring activities typically work best with the robotics season. Our Build Season is in January which makes it very difficult to do a winter sport/activity and robotics. Also, robotics meetings start later in the night, at 6:00 pm, so clubs and other activities right after school can work. If you have more questions, talk to or email our team advisor at Information Night.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us at and we would love to help!