80-20 : A type of structural metal that has grooves on all four sides. Used mostly for mounting support.
Autonomous : Also known as "Auto." It is the first 15 seconds of the match when the robots are completely driverless, running on pre-programmed instructions. This was not used in 2019.
Bag Day : The end of build season where teams bag their robot. Also called Stop Build (See "Stop Build") Only used prior to 2020.
Blue Alliance : The website that collects FRC stats, including live tournament data (
Build Season : The six week period of time that begins at "kickoff" and ends on "stop build" day. Starting in 2020, build season goes until the first competition.
Can Bus : The CAN bus is created by connecting the green and yellow wires from the RoboRIO to the PDP. Between these two end points, multiple devices such as motor controllers can be connected in series using their yellow and green connectors. These devices are then controlled in the software using the CAN interface.
Cost Accounting Worksheet/Bill of Materials : A list of every component on the robot and their cost.
Champs : Also known as FIRST Championships. Where regional/district winners, Impact (formerly known as chairman’s), Engineering Inspiration, and wild card recipients from all over the world compete. Hosted in Houston.
Cheesy Poofs : FRC team 254 from California. One of the best teams in the world.
Chief Delphi : A forum for FIRST teams around the world to ask and answer questions.
Churro : A piece of aluminum structure used for support. It's shaped like the churro food.
CIM : A motor usually used in drive trains .
COTS : Common Off The Shelf. These parts are not counted towards the 30lbs spare parts limit.
Defense : Preventing the other alliance from scoring. How it's used varies from year to year.
Einstein : The final field at championships.
FIRST : For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology. FIRST is the organization that runs robotics.
FMS : Field Management System. It connects to all robots and runs the matches.
FRC : FIRST Robotics Competition. The FIRST program for high schoolers; KnightKrawler competes in this.
FTA : FIRST Technical Advisor. The person that makes sure the field runs smoothly during matches.
Gracious Professionalism® : Part of the ethos of FIRST. It is a way of doing things that encourages high-quality work, emphasizes the value of others, and respects individuals and the community. (This definition was taken from the FIRST website)
Gyro : A sensor that detects rotational movement.
Information Night : A night roughly a month after school begins. KnightKrawler gives a one hour presentation about the team for new students who are interested in joining.
Inspector : A person who makes sure that robots are safe and legal at competitions.
Kickoff : The first day of "build season," usually the first or second Saturday in January, where teams can view the new game's animation and manual.
KnightKrawlers : There is no such word. The plural of KnightKrawler is KnightKrawler.
KOP : Kit of Parts. A collection of tools, parts, and software given to FRC teams by FIRST every year.
Minne Mini : An offseason competition in November hosted by FRC Team 2169 King Tec.
MRI : Minnesota Robotics Invitational. An offseason competition hosted by FRC Team 2846 FireBears.
Omni-Mecanum : A type of wheel that allows the robot to move sideways.
POK : Parents of KnightKrawler. This is the wonderful group that helps the team and builds the field for Week Zero. POK is a play on the acronym KOP (See "KOP").
Ranking Points : Points earned in an FRC game. There are a max of four ranking points that can be earned in every game. Two are for completing various field challenges and zero, one, or two points can be earned for a loss, tie, or win. The average ranking points earned dictates standing in the preliminary competition matches.
Raspberry Pi : A mini computer.
Sandstorm : The first 15 seconds of the match. Robots can be autonomous (see "Autonomous") or camera operated. Only used in 2019.
Scouting : Watching and analyzing other teams during competitions to collect data for team selection. We use our app FRC Krawler.
Stop Build : The last day teams are allowed to work on their robot during the 6 week build period, after which, they must put their robot in a bag until their first competition. Used prior to 2020.
Strategy : Planning for optimal performance in competition and alliance selection.
Subteams : Smaller groups within most FRC teams that specialize in a specific aspect of creating a robot. KnightKrawler has three subteams: build, controls, and public relations (PR).
Swerve : If something has swerve, it means that all four wheels can rotate right to left.
Swiss Cheese : Drilling holes in the robot to lose weight.
Talon : A motor controller.
Vex-Pro : A vendor that sells parts we use on our robot.
Week Zero : A practice competition the last week of build season hosted by FRC Teams 2052 and 2472.
YPP : Youth Protection Program, helps create a safe enviroment for all FIRST participants.