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Regional Events Information

These links contain schedules and other pertinent information for competitions.

Northern Lights Regional

Minnesota 10,000 Lakes Regional


Join Scrip, a POK fundraiser to support our KnightKrawlers! Click here for Scrip background, account setup, and order placement information.

KnightKrawler's Top 10 Tips

Check out our top 10 tips on what to do and look for at a 2020 FRC competition!

Helpful Apps and Websites

Follow along for team matches, rankings, etc. during competitions.


Slack is the main app that our team uses to communicate.

Please note: You must be invited to join Team 2052's Slack channel. Please contact a mentor for more information.

The Blue Alliance

The Blue Alliance is a website with FRC team profiles and up-to-date standings. During competitions, it is updated in real-time to display scores and rankings. It is also integrated into our slack channel to remind us before one of our competition matches is about to start. It is also availible as an app for Android and iOS.

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