KnightKrawler FRC Summer Picnic


We are still on! Rain is coming, but it may not storm until the last half of the picnic. We will strive to have the charcoal grills going by 5:45pm. The facility has a full kitchen with an industrial electric stove with 4 burners. We are bringing a pot for boiling hotdogs and a pan for anything else. If the rain makes grilling out of the question, we will fallback to the kitchen. Bring a raincoat. Stay until the weather makes us leave.

  • Who: All FRC teams - Students & Mentors
  • What: Summer Picnic Get Together
  • When: Monday, June 17th 6-9pm
  • Where: Long Lake Regional Park - Big Pavilion (North Parking Lot)
  • Why: Make friends, play games & eat food

Last year KnightKrawler hosted a summer picnic and invited 20+ nearby teams to join us for a fun evening of socializing, food and games. With a first year under our belt, we are inviting everyone. If you are within driving distance of New Brighton and willing to make the trip, we would love to have you join us.

Picnic Q&A

How does food work?

It is too hard to coordinate food across all teams. We recommend you bring food for your team (or individually). You are welcome to bring extra to share, but to keep things simple, plan for food so that everyone on your team has something to eat. Pizza and soda works, it is robotics after all. We have access to a full kitchen facility for electricity and cleanup. There are several charcoal grills available, the ones typical in most parks. Last year all the teams mostly sat together as teams. This year we hope more students and mentors will grab their team food and find some new people to sit with.

Do I need to RSVP?

No. We have reserved a pavilion that has a 500 person capacity. We would love to get in trouble for having too many FRC people show up. It would be great to let us know you are coming just so we know who got our message, but it is not necessary. You are welcome to come last minute. If you want to get email updates you can email us at to let us know you plan to come.

What activities are planned?

No plans. There is a sand volleyball court and a playground nearby. FireBears dominated in ultimate frisbee in the nearby field last year. The mentors enjoyed some yard games. Step out of your comfort zone and make some friends. Feel free to bring any games or activities you want to share with others. We did not pay for a music permit and have been warned not to play music that can be heard outside the pavilion.

What should I wear?

Team shirts.

Can we go swimming?

There is a beach in the park, but we ask that if you want to swim with friends you plan to visit the beach before 6pm. The park is large, and we ask teams to stay near the pavilion between 6pm and 9pm. The beach is about a 1/2 mile from the main pavilion.

What if it rains?

The pavilion is massive. Unless there is a big storm, we will still meet. Watch this webpage for updates if the weather looks iffy.

Does the whole team need to come?

Last year we had one team represented by a single student. That is awesome. Bring as many or as few as you like. Recently graduated seniors are welcome.

Should we bring our robot?

No. There won't be a place to drive a competition bot. However, if you have off road swerve, that would be fun to see.

Why isn't it on a weekend?

We get an awesome deal through the county if we reserve a weekday. Plus, we don't want to interfere with graduation parties.

What if I have more questions?

Email We will add to this page as more questions come in.