Since 1994, Scrip has helped families raise over $680 million for more than 48,000 organizations across the country.

Scrip is a fundraising opportunity in which regular gift cards can be purchased and the team receives a portion of the face value amount – a rebate – from the company or business that provides the gift cards. All funds raised from Scrip will be put into your child's robotics account, which can be leveraged to pay for robotics related fees and costs.

The Scrip program has gift cards for just about any store, restaurant, or business; many where you may already shop, like Cub Foods, Home Depot, Menards, Chipotle, iTunes, Walmart/Sam's Club, Kohl's, Target, Best Buy, etc. The cards cost you no more than their face value; meaning if you buy a $100 card to Cub Foods, you pay $100 for it, and it is worth $100 at Cub Foods. You lose nothing in the transaction. The individual companies and businesses offer a rebate back to us for a portion of the card's face value.

For example, you order a $100 Cub Foods card and pay $100 for the card, but Cub gives a 4% rebate back to the team, so the card only costs our team $96. That remaining $4.00 goes into your child's fundraising account. Other retailers and businesses have different rebate amounts, and sometimes they give bonuses too. The highest rebate seen so far is 12%, but there could be some higher ones as well.

REMEMBER: All rebate proceeds from the sale/purchase of Scrip will be attributed to your student's activity fund. Keep in mind that this fundraiser is optional; however, it is being made available to you to help defray costs incurred as part of the team's normal operation.

If you have NOT already created your Scrip account please read the following:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: On the upper-right side of the page, click the "register" button.

Step 3: Select “Join a Scrip Program” toward the bottom left of the page.

Step 4: Input our team’s Enrollment Code: (Contact our team treasurer Colin for the code)

Step 5: Create a username and password and fill in the relevant information, including the full name of the student you wish to receive credit. You can leave “teacher” or “group” name blank.

Step 6: Select "shop" toward the top of the main page and search for brands or browse by category (Note: many brands include different dollar values, both physical cards and electronic cards [called “ScripNow!”], and reload options where money can be added to existing cards. Please make your selections carefully!)

Step 7: Add your selections to your cart and check out by selecting “Submit Order.”

Step 8: You may choose to sign up for "PrestoPay" to automatically debit your bank account, or give us a check.

Lower denomination gift cards are offered by many stores and retailers, which may make good gifts. You can access more by going to the ShopWithScrip site and selecting the "$10 and Under Gift Cards" category on the left side. There are also gift card wrappers available if you are planning on giving gift cards as gifts.

Warning: Some businesses offer electronic Scrip Cards (ScripNow!) and card reloading along with the traditional plastic cards, so be careful to pick the type of cards you intend to order. The different types are usually split up into categories, 'Physical', 'ScripNow!', and 'Reload'. If you want regular plastic cards, make sure you are ordering cards from the 'Physical' category.

Note: Amazon's 'Physical' cards are made of heavy cardstock, not plastic. They are also a bit larger than traditional plastic cards, about the size of an index card.

Please either complete your Scrip order online (at or let us know what you would like to order (it's preferable to make orders online but we can make it work either way). All payments will be due upon receipt of your cards. You can pay by check (payable to KnightKrawler Robotics), or you can set up "Presto Pay" on the Scrip site to automatically and electronically pay when you place your order.

All cards have to be purchased through the team using the ordering instructions above on or by requesting a specific purchase through the Scrip Coordinator (email is probably the best way to do it). Either way, it works best if you have an account set up on, which helps with crediting the appropriate funds to your student.

If you aren't already participating in Scrip, you are encouraged to go onto and browse all the gift cards that are available, then sign up and open an account. It's a good and relatively easy way to raise money for your student, and unlike other fundraisers, you don't have to purchase something you aren't going to want or use. No wrapping paper, over-priced chocolates, or cookie dough. For instance, if you're going to spend a few hundred dollars at Cub, Target, or Sam’s Club anyway, why not get a card for that same amount through Scrip and help the team and your student raise funds?

Cards can be purchased as gifts or used personally, and you can purchase cards for friends or relatives through your account on too. Just keep in mind that you are responsible for collecting the money and paying for the whole order when cards are distributed, usually a week after the monthly ordering deadline. Payment can be made by cash or check at the time of distribution, or Scrip offers an electronic payment method from your checking account with a process they call “PrestoPay”. There is a $0.15 fee involved with every order when using PrestoPay, which can be somewhat of a drawback for many people, but it’s convenient and makes ordering and distribution easier.

All Scrip ordering and distribution dates are on the Team2052 calendar on the website, and reminder emails will also be sent in advance.

We usually place one order submission per month, and the order deadline is usually set after the first meeting of the month. Although that is subject to change, we do several orders during the holidays and fewer during the summer. We choose the most economical shipping method possible, so it may take a few days for the coordinator to receive the cards, but the cards are usually distributed a week later at the next full team meeting. Payment is expected when the cards are distributed.

  • Accounts may be set up, and orders can be placed at any time on the Scrip website.
  • When an order is placed, it goes to a temporary holding area with all the other orders from others in our group until the Scrip Coordinator submits the order. The reason we only order occasionally is to collect the largest possible order before submitting as to spread the shipping costs among the largest quantity of cards as possible.
  • When the order is submitted by the coordinator, the Scrip company fulfills the order and ships the physical cards to the Scrip coordinator.
  • After the order arrives, the Scrip Coordinator splits the cards up accordingly and prepares to distribute them at the next full robotics meeting.
  • Payment is usually expected at the time the cards are distributed unless you have and use a Presto Pay account on the Shop With Scrip website, then you pay at the time you order.

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