About FRCKrawler

FRC Krawler is an Android based scouting app that was created in 2013 by Charlie, when he was a member of the FRC team 2052 KnightKrawler.

The FRC Krawler scouting system is an application that lets scouting teams define their own metrics, even create different metric categories for pit and stand scouting. These metrics only need to be created once on the main server device. Scouting can be done with multiple devices and then synced to compile the data. This data and information can be stored about a team from year to year. FRC Krawler syncs with Bluetooth, so there is no need for Internet connection. This lets teams scout and sync during the competitions and view summaries of their data collected in semi real-time. The system is also designed to be extremely reusable. Prefer an Excel format? FRC Krawler can also export to a CSV file, or Excel spreadsheets.

If you are interested in using the FRC Krawler app please follow the link to the Google Play Store to download. There is also a link to download the FRC Krawler Start Guide.  Help spread the word about this FRC scouting app, FRC Krawler!

For support, please email frckrawler@team2052.com.

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