80-20 : A type of structural metal that has grooves on all four sides. Used mostly for mounting support.
Archimedes : One of the Divisions at the Detroit FRC Championship.
Autonomous : Also known as "Auto." It is the first 15 seconds of the match when the robots are completely driverless, running on pre-programmed instructions. This was used prior to 2019.
Bag Day : Also called Stop Build (See "Stop Build")
Blue Alliance : The website that collects FRC stats, including live tournament data (
Build Season : The six week period of time that begins on "kickoff" and ends on "stop build" day.
Bus : A wire that connects and communicates with specific devices within a robot.
Can Bus : A bus (See "Bus") for mechanical systems. They are the green and yellow wires on our robot.
Carson : One of the Divisions at the Detroit FRC Championship.
Cost Accounting Worksheet/Bill of Materials : A list of every component on the robot and their cost.
Champs : Also known as FIRST Championships. Where regional/district winners, chairman’s, Engineering Inspiration, and wild card recipients from all over the world compete. Hosted in Houston and Detroit.
Cheesecake : When a team builds a robot part for an alliance partner, not their own robot. For example, building a blocker to put on a partner robot in a match.
Cheesy Poofs : FRC team 254 from California. One of the best teams in the world.
Chief Delphi : A forum for FIRST teams around the world to ask and answer questions.
Churro : A piece of aluminum structure used for support. It's shaped like the churro food.
CIM : A motor usually used in drive trains.
COTS : Common Off The Shelf. These parts are not counted towards the 30lbs spare parts limit.
Curie : One of the Divisions at the Detroit FRC Championship.
Daly : One of the Divisions at the Detroit FRC Championship.
Darwin : One of the Divisions at the Detroit FRC Championship.
Defense : Preventing the other alliance from scoring. How it's used varies from year to year.
Einstein : The final field at championships.
FIRST : For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology. FIRST is the organization that runs robotics.
FMS : Field Management System. It connects to all robots and runs the matches.
FRC : FIRST Robotics Competition. The FIRST program for high schoolers; we compete in this.
FTA : FIRST Technical Advisor. The person makes sure the field runs smoothly during matches.
Gracious Professionalism® : Part of the ethos of FIRST. It is a way of doing things that encourages high-quality work, emphasizes the value of others, and respects individuals and the community. (This definition was taken from the FIRST website)
Gyro : A sensor that detects rotational movement.
Information Night : A night roughly a month after school begins. KnightKrawler gives a one hour presentation about the team for new students who are interested in joining.
Inspector : A person who makes sure that robots are safe and legal at competitions.
Kickoff : The first day of "build season," usually the first or second Saturday in January, where teams can view the new game's animation and manual.
KnightKrawlers : There is no such word. The plural of KnightKrawler is KnightKrawler.
KOP : Kit of Parts. A collection of tools, parts, and software given to FRC teams by FIRST every year.
Minne Mini : An offseason competition in November hosted by FRC Team 2169.
MRI : Minnesota Robotics Invitational. An offseason competition hosted by FRC Team 2846.
Omni-Mecanum : A type of wheel that allows the robot to move sideways.
POK : Parents of KnightKrawler. This is the wonderful group that helps the team as well as build the field for Week Zero. POK is a play on the acronym KOP (See "KOP").
Raspberry Pi : A mini computer.
Sandstorm : The first 15 seconds of the match. Robots can be autonomous (see "Autonomous") or camera operated. New in 2019.
Scouting : Watching and analyzing other teams during competitions to collect data for team selection. We use our app FRC Krawler.
Stop Build : The last day teams are allowed to work on their robot during the 6 week build period, after which, they must put their robot in a bag until their first competition.
Strategy : Planning for optimal performance in competition and alliance selection.
Subteams : Smaller groups within most FRC teams that specialize in a specific aspect of creating a robot. KnightKrawler has three subteams: build, controls, and public relations (PR).
Swerve : If something has swerve, it means that all four wheels can rotate right to left.
Swiss Cheese : Drilling many holes in the robot to lose weight.
Talon : A motor controller.
Tesla : One of the Divisions at the Detroit FRC Championship.
Vex-Pro : A vendor that sells parts we use on our robot.
Week Zero : A practice competition the last week of build season hosted by FRC Teams 2052 and 2472.