The Team Depends on You!

FIRST and Team 2052 are supported by a network of businesses, educational institution and individuals. This support, including donations of time, financial support, and materials provides vital resources for Team 2052’s organizational growth, and is a testimony to the value found in FIRST programs.
Sponsors are what keeps Team 2052 robotics program operating. We are very appreciative of the generous businesses, educational institutions, and families and friends who believe FIRST and Team 2052 to be worthwhile to invest their time and assets.

How To Become A Sponsor

Businesses and individuals can become a sponsor for Team 2052 learn how:

What Qualifies As A Sponsor?

  • Provide financial support
  • Supply parts and or equipment
    • Access to machine shops
    • Access to metal painting shops
    • Access to a printing shop and supplies
    • Provide tools, metal, wire, etc.
  • Involve employees as mentors and or volunteers
    • Mentors truly are the backbone of the FIRST programs
    • FIRST teams rely on mentors to provide insight into engineering problems
    • Mentors do not need prior experience in building robots or with FIRST programs
  • Offer scholarships to students
  • Provide students with internships
  • Provide promotional materials
    • T-shirts
    • Giveaways
  • Provide Lunches during build season

Benefits Of Becoming A Sponsor

  • Strengthens company reputation in the community
  • Builds a technologically literate work force
  • Creates a pipeline for interns and future employees
  • Provides rich employee volunteer opportunities
  • Provides renewed inspiration to company engineers and employees
  • Provides employee team building and training opportunities and increases positive feelings for employers

Levels Of Sponsorship


over $2,500

Our highest level of sponsorship combines Knight, Baron, and Duke Recognition and additionally a sponsor at King Sponsorship will receive a copy of the team’s business plan and have their logo added to our team shirts and company name added to our official team name registered with FIRST and announced at competitions.¬†(ex: Medtronic, YOUR COMPANY, and Irondale High School)



In addition with Knight and Baron Recognition a sponsor who has committed to Duke Sponsorship will have their logo added to our competition robot.



Sponsors at this level will receive the Knight level recognition and sponsor who has committed to Baron Sponsorship will have their logo added to our banner. The FRC 2052 banner is displayed at all events.



Sponsors at this level are recognized on our website and receive thank you letters, KnightKrawler newsletters, and invitations to events, and end of the season thank you packets.

King Level Sponsors

Duke Level Sponsors

Baron Level Sponsors

Knight Level Sponsors