Team Overview


KnightKrawler’s mission is to foster future generations of business and STEM leaders via FIRST. We provide an avenue for students to develop critical thinking, innovation, leadership, and collaboration skills while demonstrating Gracious Professionalism both within and outside the team.

Team Summary

2052 KnightKrawler was founded in 2007 by an Irondale student and Irondale math teacher. Our first mentor from Medtronic helped the team get started, and they continue to mentor our current members. Fourteen years later we have 54 students, 14 mentors, and 14 blue banners.

Team Statistics

Graduated Seniors Pursuing STEM Careers
New Members
Female Students in Leadership Roles
Build Students
Controls Students
Public Relations Students

KnightKrawler Team - 2019

KnightKrawler's Core Values

Gracious Professionalism

Gracious Professionalism is where everyone is treated with respect and kindness, even when in direct competition.


A Dedicated person strives to be at every event and meeting. Not only do they attend, but they contribute meaningfully.


A team that Innovates tests out mulitple solutions to find the best way to solve a problem - from robot building to team comunication.


A team with Structure is organized and comunicates well. Students should always know what to do next and how to ask for help.


A person who is Unflappable stays cool under pressure. They solve problems quickly while being constructive.