Team History

2018 Powerup


Robot Information

  • Mantis has pure pursuit path following, a two stage elevator, and cube vision tracking.
  • We couldn't have sponsor logos on our robot because we didn't have the weight for them.
  • At Championships, we took our ramps off so we could climb onto another team's ramps for a match.
  • One of our mentors suggested that we name our practice robot for the year "Flappy McFlap-Face," but we ended up naming it "Squeaky" because the elevator squeaked. The radio continued to be named "Flappy McFlap-Face."
  • The robot got it's name "Mantis" because its intake looked like arms of a mantis and the ramps looked like that bug's wings.
Competitions and Awards
  • Lake Superior Regional: Finalists
  • Medtronic Foundation Regional: Regional Winners, Quality Award, Volunteer of the Year Award - Bryan Herbst
  • FIRST Championships: Curie Division Semifinalists
  • MSHSL FIRST State Championships: Finalists

This game starts off with a 15 second autonomous period where robots are controlled autonomously. In the remaining 2:15, drivers take control of the robots. Robots control 13x13 inch Power Cubes that are scored in either the Scale (a large teeter totter), one of two Switches (small teeter totters), or the Exchange (a hole located between driver stations). Power Ups can be used during the game when one or more Power Cubes are scored in the Exchange, giving the alliance advantages. The Power Ups are Force, which gains control of the Scale/Switch, Boost, which doubles points gained from the Scale/Switch, and Levitate, which gives the alliance a free climb for Endgame. In Endgame, robots earn points by climbing on a 13 inch bar attached to the Scale.