Team History

2020: Infinite Recharge


Robot Information

  • The robot was named "Scorpion" due to the climber hook resembling a scorpion's tail.
  • Scorpion can score balls into the goal from as little as four feet to as far as 30 feet.
  • This is the first year we used Command Based code.
  • Scorpion can hold five balls and shoot them all in 4-5 seconds.
  • We have two five ball autos, one six ball auto, and one where we push an alliance member off the hub.
  • Scorpion has a six wheel west coast drive train.
  • We used sail cloth bumpers to reduce friction with power cells.
  • Scorpion has an active balancer on its climber.

Competitions and Awards
  • Northern Lights Regional: Regional Winners, Autonomous Award
  • Minnesota 10,000 Lakes Regional: Canceled
  • FIRST Championships: Canceled

This game starts off with a 15 second autonomous period where robots are controlled autonomously. In the remaining 2:15, drivers take control of the robots. Robots control Power Cells (seven inch diameter dodge balls) and score them in either the Power Port’s Lower, Outer, or Inner goals located at the opposing alliance’s wall. Alliances progress through three stages to activate the Shield Generator. The first one requires scoring nine power cells. Stage two is completed when twenty additional power cells are scored and a spinner called the Control Panel is spun three to five times. Finally, the third stage is activated when another twenty power cells are scored and the Control Panel is spun to a specific color. In Endgame, robots hang on the Shield Generator Switch and attempt to level it to score points.