Team History

2007 Rack'N'Roll

Happy Feet

Robot Information

  • The team decided to use a non-standard wheel type - mecanum wheels. Those became a defining characteristic of the robot and made it seem as if the robot was "dancing" on the field. Happy Feet happened to be a popular movie at the time, and so our robot was named "Happy Feet."

Competitions and Awards
  • Wisconsin Regional: Quarterfinalists

This game starts off with a 15 second autonomous period where robots are controlled autonomously. Robots control Keepers, Ringers, and/or Spoilers, all of which are 32 inch toroidal tubes made of inflatable plastic, only varying in color. Keeper are the alliance’s color with an additional white ring on the outside of them with the FIRST logo on them; these can only be scored in the autonomous period. Ringers are the alliance’s color, and robots score them onto the Rack, an octagonal structure with large pegs, that is located in the center of the field. Spoilers are all black and are used to negate a Ringer’s effects. In Endgame, Robots move to their Home Zone and can score points by elevating themselves off the floor; more points are awarded the higher off the floor they are.