Team History

2011 Logomotion


Robot Information

  • Armbot is the oldest robot that KnightKrawler has that is in mostly one piece.
  • KnightKrawler decided that the foot theme was ready for retirement - we couldn't think of a good name that would fit with it anyway. The robot did have a large arm mechanism, and, lacking any further creativity, the robot was named "Armbot."

Competitions and Awards
  • Lake Superior Regional: Semifinalist, Quality Award
  • Minnesota 10,000 Lakes Regional: Quarterfinalist

This game starts off with a 15 second autonomous period where robots are controlled autonomously. During Autonomous, robots manipulate Ubertubes, yellow, circular inflated tubes. In Teleop, robots control Logo Tubes, inflated tubes that are shaped as one of three components of the FIRST logo: a red triangle, a white circle, or a blue square. They score game pieces at their alliance’s Scoring Grid, a grid of nine pegs. Robots earn more points if they position Logo Tubes in the order of the FIRST logo. In Endgame, robots deploy mini-bots onto one of their two alliance Towers, which are 122 inches tall. The mini-bots then race each other to the top to earn points.