Team History

2019 Destination: Deep Space


Robot Information

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Competitions and Awards
  • Northern Lights Regional: Regional Winners, Excellence in Engineering Award
  • Minnesota 10,000 Lakes Regional: Regional Winners, Autonomus Award, Woodie Flowers Finalists Award - Katie Bach

This game starts off with the Sandstorm period; in these 15 seconds, a curtain covers the driver station, obstructing the drivers’ view. During Sandstorm, robots may move autonomously or be controlled by drivers with a vision system. At the 15 second mark, drivers regain visibility. Throughout the game, robots control Cargo (13” playground balls) and/or Hatch Panels, which are 19 inch flat discs with a six inch hole in the center. Robots score one of each game piece in a Cargo Ship in the center of the field and a three-level Rocket Ship on either side of the field. In the 20 second Endgame, robots climb onto one of three platforms to score points.