Team History

2009 Lunacy

Slippery Feet

Robot Information

  • This game was notorious for large buildups of static electricity, and our team fell victim to this phenomenon during build season. While practicing one Saturday, we ended up frying a few major pieces of the control system.
  • This robot was built to the maximum robot dimensions. We even had to rotate zip tie heads around the frame to get it to fit inside the sizing box.
  • Lunacy required special wheels to simulate moving on the surface of the moon in low gravity. The foot theme fit well, so we named the robot "Slippery Feet."

Competitions and Awards
  • Minnesota 10,000 Lakes Regional

This game starts off with a 15 second autonomous period where robots are controlled autonomously. Robots control Moon Rocks or Fuel Cells, both being nine inch round objects and only differing by color. Robots score these in the opposing alliance’s Trailers, which are pulled by every robot. If Empty Cells are carried to their team’s fueling station, they can be exchanged for Super Cells. Only in Endgame can Super Cells be scored, and they are worth almost eight times the points of a Moon Rock if scored in an opponent’s Trailer