Team History

2015 Recycle Rush

Maratus Tasmanicus

Robot Information

  • To get Maratus within the weight requirements, we had to empty the air tanks while on the inspection scale.
  • The robot got its name "Maratus Tasmanicus" because a student on the team likened our tall and agile robot to a dancing spider, or a "Maratus Tasmanicus."

Competitions and Awards
  • Lake Superior Regional: Finalists, Industrial Design Award
  • Minnesota 10,000 Lakes Regional: Finalists, Quality Award
  • FIRST Championships: Galileo Division Quarterfinalists

This game starts off with a 15 second autonomous period where robots are controlled autonomously. Robots may control 27 by 12 inch yellow or grey Totes, green Recycling Containers, or Litter (yellow pool noodles). They earn points by stacking Totes on the Scoring Platform, placing Recycling Containers on top of a stacks of Totes, and scoring Litter inside of Recycling Containers. During the last 20 seconds, Human Players can throw Litter to the alliance’s half of the field. If it is left there, the Litter scores points for the alliance who threw it.