Team History

2021: Game Changers


Robot Information

  • Scorpion is the same robot from last year's Infinite Recharge game.
  • Scorpion's climber was removed for this year because it wasn't needed for the challenges. This allowed the shooter to have a 270 degree rotation.
  • We used a PixyCam to detect ball positions for the Galactic Search Challenge (part of Infinite Recharge at Home).

Competitions and Awards
  • Infinite Recharge At Home Challenge:
  • Game Design Challenge:

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Because of COVID-19 restrictions, FRC looked different this year. Instead of a new game and in-person competitions, the season consisted of three at home challenges. First is the Infinite Recharge at Home Challenge where teams used their 2020 robots to complete five courses using autonomous code, driver skill, and shooting. The second is the Game Design Challenge where teams create an FRC game field and concept. Lastly is the Innovation Challenge where teams identify a real world problem, create a solution, and present to a panel of judges.