Team History

2016 Stronghold


Robot Information

  • Termite is still in active use as our go-to demo robot.
  • At IRI we had our best autonomous with the robot. It would have been perfect if we were not bumped by another robot.
  • After our first competition we could breach the defences all by ourselves.
  • Our practice version of the robot was named "Bubbles."
  • The robot got its name "Termite" because our Week Zero field (and practice field elements) were made out of wood. This robot had a habit of destroying that wood, and thus we dubbed it "Termite."
  • Click here to view the CAD model.

Competitions and Awards
  • Lake Superior Regional: Finalists, Excellence in Engineering Award
  • Minnesota 10,000 Lakes Regional: Regional Winners, Chairman's Award
  • FIRST Championships: Carson Division Winners, Einstein Quarterfinalists
  • MSHSL FIRST State Championships: State Winners

This game starts off with a 15 second autonomous period where robots are controlled autonomously. In the remaining 2:15, drivers take control of the robots. Robots control Boulders (10 inch diameter dodgeballs), and they score them in the opponent’s Castle. To get to the opponents castle, robots must cross one of five defenses. Some defenses are fairly easy to drive over, while others require a new mechanism to aid in crossing. In Endgame, robots score points by surrounding the Castle and/or climbing on rungs attached to the opponent’s Castle.